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Hippie at day.Twerk goddess at have a story and I wanna listen.

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If people were as outraged at our government fucking us over as they are about athletes breaking the law America would really be something. 

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Wake skating the eighth wonder of the world
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“Leo and I were literally straight on the tip [of the boat], and we were about to go down slowly with the ship. It was a night shoot and we were outside and it was very, very cold, and we were up there on this tip literally, a hundred foot in the air, absolutely petrified, and they were adjusting the camera angle and Leo and I just hung on to each other for dear life. We had cigarettes hidden in the pockets of our costumes and the two of us literally were having conversations like ,’What would happen if we died?’ and I’d say things like ‘Leo, I love you, I really do love you so much. You are a very important person to me and I’d have your babies. I would, I’d have your babies, really, it’s fine. And help me God, dear God, please tell my mum that I love her dearly’. We were so, so scared. But that’s the nature of the game. You look back on it and it was all completely thrilling and compelling-every day.”-Kate Winslet 
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Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever 4xLP
Black vinyl 1997 Loud Records pressing (left side and bottom middle) & Music on Vinyl 2014 crystal clear 180 g. vinyl reissue (right side and top middle).


Loyalty and orgasms are all I really want in a relationship

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Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Shayna Batya
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  • outfit game: on point
  • mental health game: ?????
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First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

I can’t stand what these children have to go through it’s so heart breaking